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Sex With My Cousin Part 2

Sex with my Cousin part 2

By - Feb 15, 2010 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 34447 As I have I already explained in detail about my first sexual encounter with my cousin Kalai, I thought I should also share one more hot experience with her.This episode happened a month ago. Her husband went on a 3 day business trip to Delhi. She was alone at home. So she called me to come and stay with her in the night. I readily agreed. I went to her home at around 9 pm. She invited me inside. When I was inside she locked the door from inside and kissed me hard. She was wearing just a negligee with nothing inside. I can easily see her curves and nipples.I was instantly hard and I also replied back. She made me sit in the sofa and offered me a drink. We sat together fondling each other and watching Television. I could easily see her hard nipples through her negligee. She gave me a naughty smile and went inside the kitchen to get me dinner. We had dinner together that she had prepared specially for me. Later we resigned ourselves to her bedroom. She had planned earlier and lighted up scented candles in her room. The aroma was so erotic and I was falling for it. She then slid herself inside her quilt and I lied down next to her. She then ran her fingers on my chest and was massaging me lightly. I turned to her side and licked her sweet lips. We then started kissing each other. I put my hands around her body and I massaged her back and squeezed her buttocks. We started kissing passionately, my hands playing with her breasts. I undressed her and made her com completely nude. She in turn undressed me fully except for my underwear. By this time she was sitting on the edge of the cot and me standing next to her. She then kissed my stomach licked my belly button and played with my cock over my underwear. She then pulled it down to free my cock from my underwear. My cock instantly sprang up and was erect like a pole. She slowly held it in her hand and stroked it .cock was already wet with my pre-cum. She then slowly slid it in her mouth. It was hot inside and she deliciously sucked it like a hungry child. I graciously fondled her hair when she fed on me.I now slowly started to stroke her mouth and at the mean time fondled her breasts. I then made her lie down flat on her back and spread her legs. It was the most erotic scene in my life, my slut lying naked on bed with her legs wide spread, with her leaking fluffy clean shaven pussy inviting me. I went on top of her and started licking her from top to bottom.She had used a strawberry flavor all over her body and I loved each inch of her body taste. I went down between her legs. Her pussy was already dripping wet, I licked it dry and then used my hands to spread open her pussy lips and I inserted my tongue inside it. She was moaning loudly by now. With a shudder she came hard. I could feel her pussy muscles vibrating. I then went on top of her and kissed her. I held my hard cock in my hand and rubbed her pussy, she then whispered me to fuck her hard. I pushed my hard cock inside her pussy and it glided smoothly inside. Her pussy was vibrating and I could feel her vibrations. I then grinded her pussy with my cock as she started moaning that gave me all the more power to strike her vigorously. She was shouting now. I fucked her hard for more than 15 minutes before I threw up my load inside her. Instantly she also came along with me. We kissed each other and we rested for our while to get back to our senses. She then said to me in a low voice that her husband doesn’t take care of her needs much and she really misses hot love-making. I consoled her that she won’t have to suffer any longer. After 10 minutes or so she went to the wash room to clean herself. I went behind her after two minutes and peeped inside. She kept one leg on the floor and other leg on the bathing stool and was washing her pussy with a hand held shower.I went beside her and gave a hug from behind and kissed her lips from back. I put my hands around her body and squeezed her nipples. She closed her eyes and was enjoying me. I made her bend down slightly in that position and inserted my finger inside her pussy while kissing her. She was breathing hard now. I then held my cock in my hand and thrusted it inside her pussy from behind. She was moaning loudly as I pounded her pussy. She opened the shower and we felt warm soothing water on our bodies as we were fucking each other. We came together after 10 minutes of hard fucking when she literally not having any more strength on her legs to stand. After the shower we came inside the room went to our beds. She hugged me all through the night and we exchanged the hot breaths on our bodies….

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