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How the Change in Sex Attitude Has Increased Infidelity and Divorce in USA
By Lisa L Lee

In USA today, many people in their life aim to marry the first person they fell in love with and aim to live happily ever after. However, this is not always the case and many couples find themselves inappropriate for each other and quickly find themselves turning to divorce. The divorce rate in USA was 3.6 out of every 1000 people in 2005 and the percentage of people with divorce is roughly around 10%. Although the answer to the cause of this problem is not definite, it is certain that causes of divorce varies from couple to couple, financial problems and lack of communication.

Lack of communication is the foremost reason why many people end up being divorced. Marriage is life long relation and when there is a weak bridge of communication between the two, they are unable to solve different problems that may occur in a married life. As the life has become more globalize and fast paced, people have less and less time for their families due to their involvement in jobs and other social activities. In a society where both husband and wife work, this certainly means that couples do not get enough time to sit together and discuss the on going problems occurring in their home.

Money is certainly the other factor too. Many people say 'money is the root of all evil', and in this case the root of all problems. When financial decisions are made by one partner and the other spouse does not agree, the conflict can occur between the two. Lack of money can cause marriage in jeopardy even there is a lot of love between the two. Although money and lack of communication poses big threat to any marriage, it is basically the approach towards sex in US what has lead to a rise in divorce rates.

Sex is undoubtedly the most crucial decision in a married life. Deciding the right time for having physical relations is very important as this leads to greater and more important responsibilities on the shoulders of both the partners. Attitude towards sex has considerably changed over the past many years and this is no doubt due to the ever changing life style of every individual on earth in general, and USA in specific.

Having to decide on whether to have children or not is one of the main reasons of divorce too. People, nowadays, believe that having children makes them bound thus not allowing them to carry out their own personal and social activities. Furthermore, the financial budget also increases as you have children's because of the expenditure involved in their upbringing and schooling. Financial obligations that accompany the birth of child can also cause conflict between the two partners, when they are not prepared to bear any increase in expenditure, which a couple gains when having children. Naturally, children require a lot of support from parents and when both the parents work, the support coming in for children is often not enough. This often leads to arguments over decisions made by the parents for their child. Where there is a conflict of ideas over such decisions, it causes spouses to become jealous, because they feel they are not more important for their partner and what they think is not right. This feeling has a very severe effect on mind, leading one of the partners to get involved in adultery and infidelity. Many couple experiences this difficulty in the marriage and thus resort to divorce or either they start hanging out with their close opposite sex friends.

The bible, in a way, condemn those who avoid getting into physical relations after getting married as it says "Both of those who regard sex as being acceptable outside of marriage, as well as those who think of sex as dirty and wrong within marriage, are equally guilty of maintaining attitudes which are destined to cause serious trouble to any family relationship". (The bible and 8 main causes of divorce).

Marriages today occur very quickly after boys and girls meet each other. As a result, they do not have a much idea about the nature and lifestyle of their partner. This is a sort of gamble where the chances of losing are higher as in many cases; the couple does not seem to take his/her spouse's habits and action happily. This then leads to the couple not getting involved in physical relation until they get to know understand each other properly. They avoid sex until they are mentally prepared for it and agree to look after the children equally and with support to each other.

Whatever the reason maybe, divorce is never easy. It is a very painful process and has negative effects on couple's individual lives. Many people experience depression, stress and mental trauma because of divorce. They tend to realize the importance of the right decision at the right time very late in their life. These people take marriage for granted and fail to consider the possible problems and difficulties that often arise in a married life. However, many still fail to realize that the lack of communication, money, and children is among the most common causes of divorce. All of the reasons and factors mentioned above have contributed to a higher divorced rate in US.

Author Comments

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Lisa_L_Lee Lisa_L_Lee

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