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Jim And I - A Gay Sex Story

Jim and I - A Gay Sex Story

By Phalong Harder - Oct 31, 2007 - From gay-erotic- stories. Gay erotic stories - Views - 26054 I am a single bisexual 34-year- old male. I am 6’ 2”, with dark brown hair and a muscular body and an 11 inch dick. I had just changed jobs and moved to a new city. My next door neighbors had a sensuous 18 year old boy, Jim.
Jim had a firm body and I especially noticed the roundness of his small ass. He became my next target. Jim lived alone with his mom and dad, both of whom worked long hours. I struck a friendship with Jim and we would play basketball in my yard. That gave me the opportunity to touch his ass and bump into him from behind. With time I noticed he did not mind that or perhaps even enjoyed it. I would often masturbate dreaming of the day I fuck him.
One day his mom and dad were going to be late so he came over for pizza and we sat in front of the TV watching a movie. I asked him if he had watched any Porn movies, which he said he didn’t. I asked if he would like to watch one, to which he nodded. I removed one from the shelve and placed it in the DVD player. We were both in our shorts after basketball. I sat next to him and started the movie. As the movie progressed, I placed my hand around him and gently drew him closer. He came closer willingly. My dick was hardening from the scenes and Jim’s closeness. He noticed the bulge in my shorts and I noticed his small bulge too. In a while I noticed he became more and more fixated on my hardened dick which was slowly trying to make its way out of my shorts. I moved him sideways on the sofa and moved in behind him, gently pushing my dick into his ass. I slowly rubbed my dick into his ass, dry-fucking him. He pretended to be absorbed in the movie and allowed me to do what I wanted. I became so horny, I lifted him up and placed him in my lap sitting directly over my hardened dick and continued to dry fuck him. I slid my hand down to his shorts and started massaging his small penis. We both came together towards the end of the movie and he left hurriedly.
Several months later, Jim’s parents were going away for a family emergency and asked if I would look after him in their absence. I agreed willingly, and noticed that Jim seemed happy for the situation. That night Jim came over for dinner and when we were done I asked him if he wanted to watch another porn movie. He said yes enthusiastically and asked if I had a gay movie. I told him I did and he sat on the sofa expectantly. I found the movie I wanted of an older man fucking a young boy and told him it would be more com comfortable in my bedroom with my 42 inch TV.
I lead him to the bedroom and suggested we strip down to our underwear and be com comfortable, which we did. He laid down on his belly in front and I sat with my back to the headboard. As the movie started and he became absorbed in the scenes, I looked at his beautiful body and his round ass in those bikini panties he wore. I started massaging my dick with one hand and reached out with the other to caress his thighs. I asked him to move back closer which he did.
My hand finally reached his firm ass and I just about came right then. I slipped my hand inside his panties and started massaging his crack. He moaned and the sound turned me on further. He instinctively moved his ass up and I reached his hole which was hot like fire. I started rubbing it and he started to squirm around and was starting to get hot. I told him it was getting too hot in the room and that I was going to take off my shorts. He turned around and watched as I slipped them off and my hardened dick sprung out. His jaw dropped at the sight of my 3 inch wide 11 inch dick. I reached out and started slipping off his panties and he raised himself to allow me free access. His crack was even more beautiful than I thought, surrounded by his two firm mounds. I told him to watch the movie and started to squeeze his buns and rub him in the crack.
My dick was hardening and some precum was coming out. I asked him to sit closer to me. He sat up next to me and I saw his small pencil-like hardened young dick. I kissed him gently on the lips and slipped my tongue inside his mouth. He was ready and started to suck my tongue. I reached down to his dick and started to massage it. He let out a moan and I felt his body quiver as I touched him. I took his hand and led it to my aching dick and started moving it up and down and when I let go he continued the motion. I kept kissing him and rubbing his dick meanwhile. I asked him if he had ever had sex with another man, which he denied. I asked him if he enjoyed what we were doing, to which he nodded positively. I told him how much I liked him and that I would like him to suck my dick, to which he said “show me”. He was such a turn-on I had not ever had a young boy like him.
I asked him to lie on his side and I sat on my knees beside him slowly slipping my rod between his waiting lips. His mouth was very warm and as I slipped the head in he tightened his lips. He was so good at it, I felt like I was fucking a tight virgin. I started to slide my dick in and out, longer with every insertion and after a while I did not have to move. He was the one moving up and down and I watched as my dick slipped deeper and deeper into his throat, finally reaching full length. I lovingly held his head in my hands and started fucking his mouth. Finally I felt my dick swell up further and knew I was going to come. The precum had already dripped out and I could tell he tasted and enjoyed it. I was not sure if he could swallow all my cum, so I slipped my dick out and came all over his beautiful face. He lay there with great satisfaction, only then did I notice the few drops of cum on his belly from his orgasm.
I reached out for the box of tissues and cleaned out his lovely face and his belly and drew him closer to me. We hugged and I kissed him lightly on his lips then his neck and licked his ear. He asked me if I was going to fuck him now, and told him that I would like to if he wanted it. He nodded and laid down on his belly.
My dick hardened again at the sight of the beautiful ass. I pulled a pillow and stuffed it under his belly. This raised his ass and allowed me access to his pink asshole. I marveled at the sight and reached down to his asshole rubbing it lovingly with my finger. He moaned and asked me to poke a finger into his hole, but instead I leaned over and started to lick his hot pink hole. He moaned in ecstasy and I started to poke his hole with my tongue going inside further and further.
He was now screaming with pleasure. I got up and started very gently inserting my finger into his lubricated asshole. My finger started to slip in further and further and he started to push upward into it. I reached out to my drawer and pulled a bottle of lubricant. I squeezed some on his waiting hole and started massaging it in. When my finger was in all the way, I stuck another then a third to widen his hole up. He relaxed and allowed me to work my fingers into him. I finally told him he was ready. He expected me to mount him, but instead I told him I wanted him to sit in my lap. I guided him to the side of the bed and we sat side by side. I gave him the lubricant and asked him to lubricate my engorged dick.
He squeezed some on the head of my dick and started to massage it down into the shaft. As he did that he told me how beautiful he thought my dick was. He said he had seen other dicks in the showers but had never seen one as beautiful as mine. I almost came as he said that while rubbing my dick. I removed his hand, lifted his small body and placed him in my lap with my dick’s head at the entrance of hole. His hole felt real hot when my dick touched it. I slowly started easing him down while sucking and kissing his neck. The head of my dick penetrated and I felt him quiver at that moment. I slowly eased him down all the way and started moving him up and down. He moaned in ecstasy as I pumped him and told me he had never imagined it would be so good to be fucked. He had masturbated often thinking of the moment I would fuck him. He had used the round end of a small pen to insert into his asshole as he masturbated, but that felt nothing like what I was doing to him. My pace quickened as I listened to him make his confessions and I neared my orgasm.
I stood up carrying him and laid him across the side of the bed and plowed deep into him before I poured all my hot liquids deep into his ass. I had never had such satisfaction with any boy before. I kissed him on the neck carried him onto the bed and wrapped my arms around him until my dick slipped out of him. I pulled the covers and turned the lights off and we both went into deep sleep.

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