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Female Sexual Dysfunction By Aswani Srivastava

Health is wealth - is a popular saying. And sexual health is not an exception. In today's world, most of us seem to suffer from one or the other sexual disorders. Sexual problems have resulted in short term relationships and all kinds of other health problems. There are many sexual problems faced by today's men and women. And one of the major sexual problems faced by today's women is female sexual dysfunction.
What is female sexual dysfunction?
Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is a condition in which women in their later ages begin to develop less sexual desire. It is followed up with the decrease in sex drive and disability in achieving orgasms. In a recent survey it was found that women in the age group 18 to 59 are more prone to this type of sexual disorder. There are millions of women today who suffer from this type of sexual disorder. This often results into stressful relationships and other health problems.
Causes for female sexual dysfunction
Female dysfunction is caused due to many factors. The main factors responsible for the outcome of this problem are:
Irritations Allergies of the vaginal area - decrease in estrogen levels during menopausal transition Removal of the ovaries - hysterectomy Side effects of the contraceptive devices Intake of any other medicine Physiological factors - depression, poor self-esteem, ineffective foreplay, feeling guilty about having sex, Fear of pregnancy, stress, and fatigue. Failure to achieve orgasm inspite of arousal - Female Orgasmic Disorder (FOD) Unable to achieving orgasm at all - Anorgasmia due to sexual inexperience, performance anxiety, or even sexual trauma.
Symptoms of female sexual dysfunction
The main symptoms of female sexual dysfunction are:
Lack of sexual desire Less pleasure during sexual intercourse Painful experience during sex Dryness of the vagina and/or inability to achieve an orgasm
Treatment of female sexual dysfunction
Female sexual dysfunction like any other disease can also be treated. There is one medicine available today which can get you rid of this sexual disorder. Intrinsa patches are available today to treat female sexual dysfunction. Intrinsa is a prescription treatment for female sexual dysfunction. Manufactured by Procter and Gamble, Intrinsa patches contain testosterone, a naturally occurring sex hormone in human beings. Testosterone is naturally produced in women by the ovaries and the adrenal gland. However with age, the testosterone levels begin to decline and more rapidly after menopause or after hysterectomy. Intrinsa patches help in maintaining proper balance of the testosterone levels in women. The transdermal patch of intrinsa supplies low dose of testosterone through the skin into the bloodstream to make up for its lowered level in the body that often occur as a result of menopause or hysterectomy.
How and where to buy intrinsa patches?
Intrinsa patches can be bought from most licensed pharmacies and approved clinics. It is advised to take a proper medical consultation before buying intrinsa. If you are in UK then you can purchase intrinsa from any genuine and reliable pharmacy.
Intrinsa patches can also be ordered online from any licensed online clinic. It is recommended to go through an online consultation before ordering intrinsa online. Valid prescription from doctor must be obtained before ordering intrinsa.
For more information on female sexual dysfunction and its treatment - Intrinsa patch, intrinsa-patch intrinsa-patch . Buy intrinsa patch online in UK today and get rid of female sexual dysfunction.
Aswani_Srivastava Aswani_Srivastava

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